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This is the third single, released in 2001 from the US label SOUTHERN LORD and again, this 7" is part of the SL singles series. The SPIRITUAL BEGGARS song "It´s Over" is a typical good one, maybe it´s from the recording sessions of the last album. A groovy mid-tempo rocker with a thunderous rhythm section, raw and soulful vocals and great guitarwork. GRAND MAGUS are the next Swedish band and they perform "Twilight Train", a song from the second high recommandable demo (see review above). It´s a new recorded version and it´s my personal winner."Twilight Train" is a blues-based heavy little bastard and the powerful rough vocals from guitarist Janne are outstanding. I´m looking forward to the upcoming debut on RISE ABOVE, because they are one of the strongest acts that rises from the Swedish underground. All in all, I give you the advice to get a hold of this very stylish single that´s only available in a very limited edition. And if you have the chance, buy it because you get two very good songs. For more informations visit the SOUTHERN LORD homepage or the GRANDMAGUS website.