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Out of New Mexico comes the four-piece SPIRITU, and this is their six song debut released by Meteor City / People Like You Records.Three of the tracks are over 8 minutes long, but they aren't playing in the classic doom . The label info describes their sound as a mixture of Tool, Pink Floyd, Clutch and Sabbath. I can't find any Floyd and Tool influences, so I would better add Sixty Watt Shaman and/or COC instead of before mentioned acts. While the opener "Z(Noonday Demon)" is a dark and melancholic complex epic tune, "Fat Man in Thailand" is a groovy straight forward rocker with a nice interwoven Iommi-riff. Then follows the next nine minute tune "Glorywhore" and it's once again time to worship the Sabs, but they do it in a passionate and inspiring way. One of the trademarks is the energetic voice of the SPIRITU singer. He's got a very expressive style, that comes in some moments close to x-Rough Cutt singer Paul Shortino.

"Clean Livin' is with 3:28 minutes the shortest track on the album and it's nothing special, if there weren't the amazing vocals.After this SPIRITU are destroying my speakers with one of my favourite heavy 70's tracks. A brilliant cover-version of "Woman Tamer" from the incredible SIR LORD BALTIMORE. Of course, it's not as brutal as the original but this guys have given their best and you can feel the respect they've got for the devastating original. The album closes with the third very long track "Slump". Not that bad, but for my taste there are stronger songs on this album. Jack Endino has given a thick and crunchy production to the whole album and it emphasis the fuzz-laden power of this band. SPIRITU are an exciting new 70's inspired doomy heavy rock band and it would be sad, if this band gets lost between the mass of clone-bands. Give them a chance, I think you won't be disappointed. You can place your order directly at the Meteor City or People Like You website.