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In the last months some highly recommandable MD acts like LIFE BEYOND, EARTHRIDE, BLACK MANTA and INTERNAL VOID have released new stuff and for me as a a huge fan of all the brilliant Maryland bands and/or musicians it was not easy for me to wait for the new SPIRIT CARAVAN album. Here it is and "Elusive Truth" contains eleven songs and all are on the same high quality level, so it´s hard to pick out only a few.There are new versions from older songs like the opener "Spirit Caravan", which is an old OBSESSED classic. They re-recorded also "The Departure" (from the RISE 13 comp.) and "Darkness & Longing" (from the split-7" with SWS). The new versions are filled with more power and they are sounding much fresher. Like on "Jug Fulla Sun" there´s again a song ("Retroman"), where Dave is responsible for the vocals and sometimes it seems as if his voice gets darker and rougher from year to year. His ultra-heavy bass playing is together with Gary´s precise and powerful drum style the backbone for Wino´s amazing guitarwork and, of course for his hard and soulful vocals. These guys are so tight, it´s really exciting. "Cloudly Mirror" was written by Gary Isom and, like on the "Dreamwheel" 10" he has proven again, that he´s a very good songwriter.

I would say that "Elusive Truth" is a bit slower and darker than the other recordings, but it has still a very positive and spiritual vibe. The song "Futility´s Resons" is a total Doomtrack and maybe one of their heaviest. With "Lifer City" you find the typical uptempo song, that stands in the vein of "No Blame" or "Kill Ugly Naked", but this time the band interrupts the speed with a few breaks. The production was done by the band and Chris Kozlowski, again at The Polar Bear Lair Studio in Maryland and so the result is fantastic. "Elusive Truth" sounds thick, massive and powerful but still very pure and not overproduced. All readers, who are into the Maryland-scene know what I mean. No doubt about it, this album is a must-have for everyone who loves the heaviest and soulful Rock and SPIRIT CARAVAN still remain still one of the orgins of todays newer Heavy-Doom-"stoner"-acts and if you talk about this music you can´t leave them out. They still belong to the best bands in this genre.This masterpiece is also available in a limited vinyl version of 1000 copies in green wax, so hurry up! You can buy "Elusive Truth" directly from the SPIRIT CARAVAN homepage or contact TOLOTTA Records.