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SPICKLE (The Right to Remain Silent) CD

The city of New Orleans is still a good ground for exciting and unique bands. This time it's SPICKLE. After the self-titled EP, they've banned twelve tracks on the new album, released in 2002. SPICKLE's instrumental music sends the listener to a lot of varied moods and feelings. The musicians are playing amazingly tight in everything they do,from the softer jazzy parts to the whirlwind-like explosive moment. Different dynamics are playing a big role in the music. But let me pick out a few single songs, to show the immense variety of this fascinating album."Spastic Orion" or "2 - 3 = -Fun" are more direct Rock tune with Hardcore undertones and not only this time, Karma To Burn are coming to my mind. But as in "Valve Cover", that starts like a 6t's psych tune with a somehow beautiful strange atmosphere and turns into a heavy riff-driven explosion, KTB-like, but from the whole song-structure it's very different to them.

Even in the quieter moments of SPICKLE, there's still a lot of energy under the peaceful surface. A song as "Bread Puddin" is a clever mixture between 7t's Jazzrock and complex heaviness, while "Backbreak" or "It's a nice Day to Die" is more Blues-influenced. What makes SPICKLE so amazing for me, is their impressive and creative way of combining very different musical elements to one refreshing and energetic unit. There's Jazz, Heavy Rock, Hardcore and more, so be open-minded for the SPICKLE experience. This album is a co-release between Berserker Records and Crucial Blast and for further informations, check out the SPICKLE homepage.