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SPEEDWAY 69 (Now Denial) LP/CD

A young hopeful German band from my local area, the Ruhrgebiet are true and honest worshippers of high-energy Rock and bands as Nebula or Fu Manchu. After a couple of different previous releases, this is the first complete album. They've recorded the album after playing a lot of shows last summer 2002 and they' shared the stage with bands as Gluecifer, Smoke Blow and much more. A lot of props, but what still counts is the music. In spite of the influences, the songs are very pop-like and I miss more roughness and energy. One of the reasons are the 'soft' leadvocals, but in the end its better than any worse copy of someone. But where's the high-energy, guys? Ok, in some moments SPEEDWAY 69 got their charming moments, especially in the first half of the album, but than the complete album sound becomes weaker, as if they were recorded in a different studio. Maybe this band is a furious live band, but in the studio they're reaching just an mediocre level.

Sorry to say, but after listening to the album (what I've done more than two times!) I can't remember anything of it, and I'm not 85 years old. I don't know, if SPEEDWAY 69 want to become one of the toughest and hardest rockin' band, but with this record it's still a long way. But maybe this band wanted to produce such a Pop-R'n'R album, and if I would be an 18 years young girl, maybe I would immediatley fall in love with them. Ok, I'm kidding, but I love my Rawk hard, heavy and dirty and this isn't the league where you can find SPEEDWAY 69. Recommandable for fans of Backyard Babies or Hardcore Superstar, too!


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