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SPARZANZA (Into The Sewers) CD

Nowadays, it's not easy to have a clear overall view about all the Scandinavian heavy hardrock 'n' roll bands, particulary in Sweden where SPARZANZA are coming from. But it's easier to keep the overlook, when you seperate the good ones from the average crap. A few years ago, I wasn't to impressed about this band, because they belong to those average bands. That's one of the reasons, why I leave out their last albums "Angels Of Vengeance", issued by Paris-based label Water Dragon Records. But recently, the new album of SPARZANZA, again issued by Water Dragon Records, found its way into the Cosmic Lava mailbox, and I'd to admit that I must throw my prejudices over board. "Into The Sewers" is a hard driving and pretty energetic album, with a charming metal edge. This five-piece managed to write ten catchy anthems about the ups and downs in life. Ok, a very few tracks are not really belonging to my faves, but the good ones are so great, that I totally dig the whole album.

What I personal prefer about the album is, that the band have created varied moods, and with a track like "Little Red Riding Hood", they have opened my big heart. Some of the uptempo tracks are close to late Thin Lizzy, and the third and fourth Iron Maiden album has left a small, but clear trace in SPARZANZA's tight and powerful sound. "Pay The Price" and "Euthanasia" knows to surprise with an organ, what simply makes the sound more interesting, but SPARZANZA are very different from Swedish retro-bands like the Spiritual Beggars. f.e. As a special bonus, the CD contains an enhanced multimedi section with two nice live videos, screensavers and wallpapers. So, if you want to (re)activate the rock 'n' roller inside of you, I give you the advice to save your money for "Into The Sewers", because they 'got' it!!!