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There are only very few bands here in Germany, that are playing sludge-driven doom as SPANCER, and these four guys are presenting us four songs in 37 min. There are two bass-player in the line-up, so that one bass is played more as a lead instrument with wah-wah and fuzz. All tracks are slow, weighty and heavy as hell, rolling like waves out of the speakers. The riffs are hard and creepy, played in best Chandler-vein. There's also the same monolithic simplicity in the song-stuctures as in Vitus. But SPANCER have integrated and worked out their Vitus influence in the same way as Soul Preacher or Grief (RIP). Both bands are always on my mind while listening to this album. Especially the hate-filled and chainsaw-like vocals from Markus are in some moments very close to the above mentioned acts. And that should be meant as a compliment!

SPANCER have also used a very few samples and the opening one in "The Beat Goes On" is in German language. Nice idea! What I like about this band is, that they've got the abilities (sound- and vocalwise) to bring over the heaviness and the angry, but mournful atmosphere that this kind of music needs. The production could have been a little bit more heavier, but "Countdown to Victory" is damn fine self-released debut and if SPANCER would have been an American band, they would get much more attention. This is a band for a label like Game Two Records or Shifty Records. The CD comes with a very good packaging, that includes all lyrics and a lot of entertaining photos. If you're into above mentioned bands, mixed them up with a bit Church Of Misery than you need definitly a copy of this. This is a very good release from a very talented band!