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SPACEEATER (Merciful Angel) CD

I Hate Records are not only specialized in crushing Doom Metal, but also in outstanding Thrash Metal from the underground. One of this bands are SPACEEATER from Serbia, and here we have their debut, which knows to capture the listener with melodic, yet powerful Thrash Metal. This kind of music reminds me to the period in my life, when I listen to bands like Hallows Eve, Agent Steel, Helstar, or Abattoir just to name a few here. This is over twenty years ago, and although I still respect a lot of this bands, I lost interest in listening to Thrash Metal. SPACEEATER won't arouse my old interests, but they are nearly as refined and profound like their forefathers. 'Overkill' or 'Deceitful Eyes' confirm, that SPACEEATER are ready to advance upon a wider world, but also the rest of the here presented material is a further proof, that this band is ready to leave Serbia and to conquer other parts of the world.

Especially in current times, it shouldn't be a huge problem, because Thrash Metal is a hot genre today. The expressive clear vocal style of singer Bosko Radisic reminds me to Bruce Dickinson (of course, Iron Maiden aren't a Thrash Metal group!), but the rest of the band are good craftsmen, too. In current times, where nearly every damned music style becomes a bloodless trend, it's good to listen to music like this. Here I find more honesty and authenticy, than in most of today's Sludge, Black Metal or Hardrock bands. 'Merciful Angel' is masterful and stylishly executed, and SPACEEATER may have arrived at the right place at the right time to pick up the gauntlet.