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SPACE PROBE TAURUS (Snakefarm Rituals) MCD-R

When I talked to Richard Anasky (director of I Am Vengeance) last year, he was full of praises about this Swedish band, not only because of making a video-clip with them. Since the band was formed in 1997, they've released a couple of demos, one 7" on Game Two Records and different songs on numerous compilations. My first introduction into the world of SPT was their cover-version on the Blue Cheer tribute compilation "Blue Explosion" and the song for the first I Am Vengeance soundtrack. But nothing impressed me that much, until I received this promo. It's not that difficult to describe the sound of SPT. Just take the Stooges, Hawkwind, Blue Cheer and early Hellacopters and you've got it. And the best of this mix is, though nothing new, that this band knows to write excellent remarkable songs. Sometimes a bit more psyched-out ("Molten Lava") but still explosive and hard rockin are all of the included five songs. "Snakefarm Rituals" is something like a inspiring acid fuzz-feast, fronted by vocals that are very close to Nicke Anderson of the Hellacopters. SPT are one of the better bands among all the other fuzz-rockers and I hope, they will be signed soon by any cool label. Meanwhile, I give you the advice to order "Snakefarm Rituals" from the band on the SPACE PROBE TAURUS homepage.