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Here it is, probably one of the most eagerly-awaited debut albums of all times. Well, I'm kidding, but I was really looking forward to the moment when Swedish heavy fuzz rockers SPACE PROBE TAURUS release their first full-length. Their music is just to good to vanish unnoticed from this earth, and I guess not much of you have listen to one of their demos, aptly titled 'Snakefarm Rituals' or 'Black Hole Revolutions' just to name a few. Maybe the band is more familiar, due to their contribution to Richard R. Anasky's 'I Am Vengeance' soundtrack, but whatsoever that is history and it makes more sense to write some words about this disc, that has been released through Buzzville Records in 2008.

SPACE PROBE TAURUS merge 60's garage, high energy rock, psych and rock 'n' roll to create a perfect blend that goes down smooth and easy. It's a driving music that has in it the dirt and factory pulse and scream of rubber turning corners at full speed. The energetic music of SPACE PROBE TAURUS starts off in high and never throttles down. 'Molten Lava' and 'Snakebirth' are superb examples of their abilities with smoking rippin' guitar riffs while 'Psi-Burn' seems to cram a different head-detonating explosion at every twist 'n' turn. Mostly the album reminiscent of The Stooges, early Hawkwind and MC5, pepped up into this decade with a very full production. A fierce authentic release, that appeal with repeated listenings. Check it out, motherfucker!