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SPACE PROBE TAURUS (Black Hole Revolutions) MCD

The Taurus is back with the next slap of acid fuzz rock power. Gladly, not much has changed here. A steady pulsating bass brought forth waves of droning fuzz and distortion, that sent vibrations of sleaze throughout the Cosmic Lava headquarter, and penetrating deep into my mind. Sure it's like The Stooges, but here's more than just the next "1969" rip-off and a sneer and a leather jacket. This three guys obviously skilled in the art of Rock 'n' Roll theatrics. Although I don't dig every of the five here included tracks, the entire impression is very enjoyable. A few of the tracks dispatches with the Stooges pastiche and leans on a Blue Cheer-like sensibility that is food for the ravenous soul. The vocals are less Iggy, and more like a cross between Nicke Anderson (Hellacopters) and Dave Wyndorf (Monster Magnet). Check out tracks like the opener "Snakebirth" or "Gravity Rush", and I hope you will like SPT the way like I do. Once again, I have to ask myself why this guys are still unsigned, because they got everything to appeal to a bigger audience. For further informations check out the SPT homepage.