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SPACE PATROL (Secret Sounds Of The Spaceways) CD

This French band started out in September 1998 and since then, SPACE PATROL released a five-song demo in 1999 and a few months later they shared a split-CD with the French band Low Vibes entitled "Coming Down to the Velvet Lodge" on Water Dragon Records. Now, here's the self-produced debut with six tracks and they have received a lot of good reviews for it in different magazines. At first, though there's the word space in their name, SPACE PATROL haven't very much in common with bands like ST-37, Hawkwind etc. It's some kind of doom-laden Heavyrock and in their best moments I can hear the influence from bands like Wretched or Unorthodox , just listen to "Damien Thorn" . Sometimes the vocals from Max are a little bit unusual and strange ("Indifference"), but all in all he is doing a good job and his vocals are one of the reasons, why SPACE PATROL aren't one of this typical doom or desert bands. Another very good track is the melancholic "VaraKathi", where the both guitar players Joris and Alex are performing an excellent work.

Heavy riffs, moody guitar solos, and a dynamic and tight rhythm section. They have groove and they know how to use it. One thing, I like to point out is the fact, that SPACE PATROL have an own musical identity and they are talented enough, to deserve a wider audience. Maybe you need some time, before you dig the songs, but then it's time to dicover the different moods, especially the dark sounding "When Midnight Strikes" with a well aranged sample out of the classic movie "Night Of The Living Dead". Aside of that, this song reminds me to the old Swedish cult act Stillborn.At least I like to mention the seventh hidden track. It's the fastest track on "Secret Sounds. . .", and suddenly SPACE PATROL are sounding like a Spacerock band. So enough said, this is a recommendable debut from a very talented band and I think, with a stronger production the next album could be a small masterpiece.