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Like the MD/DC area, NOLA is a very inspiring ground for heavy music. A lot of original and well-known bands are based in this area and here's one of the latest projects. Although SOUTHERN ISOLATION are out of NOLA and Phil Anselmo is appearing as guest guitarist on one of the songs and he's also responsible for the production, it's the total opposite of metal, sludge or grind.The main person behind SI is Opal, who's also married with the Pantera vocalist, but her music is definitly in the classic singer/songwriter vein and with this MCD she is performing four acoustic dark southern country/blues songs, with additional players like hammond organ, electric piano, keyboards and slide-guitar.

All songs are in a heavy melancholic mood, fronted by Opal's beautiful and diverse vocals. She is creating a lyrical atmosphere like Nick Cave or Johnny Cash f.e. with lyrics about the missing and longing of love. But the atmosphere of the songs is not totally depressive, more surreal and like a rainy day in autumn and Opal's voice is going through different emotions. If it's true, that she wants to sing guest-vocals at the upcoming Down album for some songs,the result can only be amazing. I like this dark, beautiful and passionate songs, more blues than gothic, that were giving me a very relaxed listening. I'm not quite sure if SOUTHERN ISOLATION is just a project but I hope that they will come up with more material in the future. Meanwhile I will enjoy this one for my melancholic days and nights. This MCD is a co-release between Baphomet Rec., Housecore Rec. and Release