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SOURVEIN (Will to Mangle) LP/CD

Again, it's heavy doom time and Southern Lord is the label! SOURVEIN are presenting us their version of blues-filled doom sludge, that could be easily described as a mix between later EHG only with a stronger Sabbath-influence. To compare it with the self-titled debut, the songs are filled with more desperation, stronger riffs and the new rythm backbone with bassist Miguel Veliz and drummer Henry Vasquez is tight and heavy. "Will to Mangle" got a real devastating sludgy atmosphere, but it's still very bluesy and 70's-like, although the vocals are definitly far away from any 70's style. T-Roy's vocals are bringing the legendary Accüsed to my mind, and aside of all doom, SOURVEIN are aware of their crusty roots.It's exciting to hear, how SOURVEIN have put both elements into one big melting pot to form their own black monument.

A bit groove and melody adds a nice dynamic into the songs, but the brutality still dominates this album. Liz' massive riffs still got a crusty vibe, as in the early days when she was around with 13. The album contains eight songs, and numbers as "Bangleaf", the Vitus-like "1%d.f.f.d.", or "Zeropath" are only three fine examples of the high-quality. Of course, there are more tracks, like the sad and creepy "Dirgewine" or "Blackzorlac". Once again, producer Billy Anderson (Melvins, Neurosis, Bottom etc.) was the perfect man for production and recording and he has given SOURVEIN a real natural breathing sound. This album doesn't define anything new, but it comes up with strong compostions, that could please every Doomster right from the start. I hope, that we will hear right more from this band in the next years and now it's up to you to get a copy of "Will To Mangle".. Ask your local record dealer or visit the Southern Lord website for additional informations about SOURVEIN.