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First, I have to say that it is really great that Calculon Records are among those record label which send abroad promo vinyl copies. I really do appreciate this fact, especially because Calculon Records is a small label with not much money at their disposal. With this heavyweight vinyl 7" the series of split singles will be continued and after the 7" with Church Of Misery, SOURVEIN is again involved with a previously unreleased song named 'Black Cloud Revelations'. As expected, the song offers a successful mix of doom and sludge. I still believe that their second album 'Will To Mangle' contains their best material, but this is also a very solid track. In the first half of 'Black Cloud Revelations' SOURVEIN drags on and on before they speed up shortly before the end. I wish it were the other way round. The last time I've listen to BLOOD ISLAND RAIDERS was on a split album with Among The Missing. Their contribution with the title 'The Phobia' appeals much better to me than the flipside. I personally would go so far as to say that this is one of their best tracks. This is where classic heavy metal, doom and 70's hardrock get united in a powerful way. The result of all this is also very catchy and won me over very soon. Here we have a damn fine 7" and if you want to buy a copy be fast, because this is strictly limited to 325 copies.