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SOULPREACHER (Sonic Witchcraft) CD

After one demo (?) SOULPREACHER have released their debut on MAN`S RUIN.It contains songs that are mostly very doomy and heavy. The opener "Blues For A Blackened World" is splited into two parts (Prelude To Chaos /Worship) and it's one of the heaviest tracks on this album. The band uses a devastating bass-sound and brutal riffs.The vocals are more in an angry,raw and "bloody" way.Other songs like "Salvation" are faster and they go more into a sick heavy Rock 'n' Roll direction and together with the sludge-ridden heavy doom songs, like the opener or the last track "Alabaster", it's a very enjoyable album.

Between some tracks you find short soundscapes ,which enriches the ambience of "Sonic Witchcraft". SOULPREACHER aren't very virtous and they don't need it to be. They are minimalistic like VITUS or ELECTRIC WIZARD but they have also the same southern and hardcore influences like ATP or the New Orleans-based bands. All in all I must say,that "Sonic Witchcraft" grows with every listen and it rocks.Everyone,who likes the above mentioned bands,should check out SOULPREACHER because it's a good debut from a hopeful heavy band.