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SOULDUST (Wintergrim) MCD-R

Hailing from the UK, SOULDUST’s first demo offers an unfriendly blend of  heavy doom-laden crust in combination with ultra sick vocals, that would fit to every harsh black metal band on this earth. This demo contains three songs, that are soaked with crust and filth, and  the title „Wintergrim“ couldn’t describe it better.  After listening to it for more than three times, I’m really not sure if I can still describe SOULDUST with the term doom. Especially because a song like „Abstract Death“ has nothing in common with classic doom. At the start, it’s raw and primitive black metal, while the pace changes within the middle of the song. But for my taste, there have always been similarities between early crust and early black metal, so I stop to analyze here. Hopefully this demo wasn’t the final onslaught!