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Here we have the third demo from this Swedish five piece. It contains five tracks and SOULDIVIDER write songs with a lot of passion, melody and drive. I would describe them as a mix between HELLACOPTERS, THIN LIZZY , ALICE IN CHAINS and KYUSS. When I put "The Big Relax" in my player, I had to listen to it over and over again and I must admit, that I´m not the biggest fan from most of the Swedish Fuzzrock bands. But SOULDIVIDER have something special. My personal fave is the slow number "Inhale Your Destination" with a nice and cool groove. But you can´t go wrong with the other four songs, if you´re into the bands I´ve mentioned above. "Second Ride" is the fastest song and it kicks ass...! It reminds me to the old mid-70´s Detroit Rock bands. "Strange Feeling 4 am" is another good track with its double leadguitars, so I can´t understand why this band has no record-deal. The whole CD comes with a nice and typical cover for this kind of fuzzed-out Heavyrock. So, all you Rockers out there, give this band a chance and buy "The Big Relax" directly from the band. The production is also very good and I think we will hear more from SOULDIVIDER in the future. For more informations visit their website.