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SORROWS PATH (Resurrection) CD

Finally after 13 years, Greek doomsters SORROWS PATH have managed to release their debut full-length, which contains both digitally remastered demos from  '95 and '96. Maybe this sounds a bit strange, but the band's history is a real doomed one, due to the tragic death of founding member Takis Drakopoulos in '95 as well as a serious motocycle accident where guitarist and co-founder Kostas Salomidis was injured. But at the end of 2005, SORROWS PATH reformed and started to work on new songs,.  I guess only a few know the group's first demos, and so this release makes sense, especially because the here included six songs are still sounding fresh and promising. This is pure epic doom metal obviously played in the vein of Candlemass and Solitude Aeturnus, without just simply repeating both highly influential bands. Their sound is based on original heavy riffs, a solid rhythm-section and a singer, who doesn't hit every note, but this are demo recordings which are 10/1 years old and due to these circumstances he's doing a good job. Overall, this is a very promising start and I hope, that the band don't need again 10 years to record new material. A little bit of work has to be done, but the potential is here.