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SONS OF OTIS (Songs For Worship) CD

If Dave Chandler and Dave Wyndorf would make a session, maybe that's the way this recording could sound, like SONS OF OTIS. Ok, that's mostly on my mind when I listen to the new album from this heavy Canadian trio and it's meant as a compliment. Since the debut, this band had left footprints, because of the totally spaced-out intense Doom Psych Blues they play. Ultra heavy riffage and vocals, that are coming from another dimension. The first album was dark and angry , and with the second release"Templeball" the band has added a strong 70's Heavyrock vibe to their music.

Now with the third album "Songs For Worship", the band continues the way . Seven new songs, including the Hendrix cover version of "In From The Storm", and together with guest drummer Tony Jacome (Shallow North Dakota) the band has released a good album. The songs are flowing out of my speakers like lava, and this massive sonic doom-laden wall leaves not much space to take a breath. It's good to hear a real drummer again in the line-up, because of the fact that there's a bigger dynamic in the monolithic song structures. Like I said before, there's a huge Vitus vibe and some tracks, like the opener "The Hunted", "The Other Side" or "I'm Gone". But to make things clear, SONS OF OTIS aren't any ST. VITUS clones. They have created their own little lysergic heaviness.

"Songs For Worship" is a very good album, but it's not the s mind blowing disc, that I expected from this band. Sometimes when I'm listening to it, it seems as if the band could have been gone one step further and integrate more of the tripped out and sludgy elements of their past. But that's maybe only my wish and it doesn't mean that this is a worse CD. "Songs For Worship" has been released through The Music Cartel.