Personally, I believe that the bands debut 'SpaceJumboFudge' is still a very underrated album. At that time in 1996 there was no other band around comparable to Canadian's SONS OF OTIS. Well, there was nothing new about mixing different influences like sludge, doom and blues together, but they've combined it with a massive, interstellar, spectacular sound what was really innovative. Whenever I listen to 'SpaceJumboFudge' I feel like an astronaut who has been drifting through space in his shuttle for decades. Shortly afterwards, the band strengthen their blues and doom foundation on the second album 'Temple Ball' and didn't leave that path since 1999. 'Exiled', consisting of 6 songs, is the fifth album, released in 2009 by Small Stone Records, and a perfect continuation of the band's overpowering heavy sound. 'Haters' is a surprisingly viscous and sinister beginning, where SONS OF OTIS prove once more that their music can be as dark as their name. On the contrary, there are hard rocking tracks like 'Lost Soul' or the excellent cover versions of Lynyrd Skynyrd's 'Bad Man' and Motörhead's 'Iron Horse'.

Once again, it's exciting to hear those songs after they've undergone a special OTIS treatment. 'Oxazejam' is a wonderful blues-infected instrumental. Only one word can adequately describe Ken Baluke's guitar sound: Huge. This is like a three-dimensional experience, but his signature vocal delivery shouldn't go unnoticed. 'Tales Of Otis' is reminiscent of mid-period Saint Vitus, and if you're aware of their discography it comes as no real surprise. By the way, SONS OF OTIS has more in common with that highly influential band than some of the newer doom outfits, but there are people around who like to ignore that fact. 'Exiled' includes a hidden bonus cut, entitled 'The Horror' that is very different from the other songs of the album. SONS OF OTIS explore the territories of ambient music without losing their heaviness and even here they're absolutely convincing. I'm not sure, but I could imagine that 'The Horror' has been taken from Ken Baluke's experimental ambient project OX. In conclusion, 'Exiled' turned out stronger than it's predecessor 'X', and if you like SONS OF OTIS as much as I do than you should buy this album as soon as possible.