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With their self-released debut album 'Emersion', Finland's SONS OF KINGS take the listener on an instrumental journey through many genres and moods. It's not always easy to describe their dark amalgam, because the transitions between these different musical styles are mostly very fluid. SONS OF KINGS make use of the basic characteristics of ambient, post-punk, drone and psychedelica, and connect this with a rhythmically repetitive Krautrock aura. Although my description is inadequate, it's at least a rough idea of the mysterious sonic world of SONS OF KINGS. Added to this is the epic length of the included two tracks, which almost reach the 19-minute mark.

'Emersion' is divided into two parts. The start makes 'Part I: Ancestry', which is based on hypnotic rhythmic patterns. An Oriental vibe floates through the air and still, you have the impression that you walk through a gigantic, ghostly cavern instead of visting a bazaar in Kemeralti. The two basses provide the necessary heaviness, while the guitar adds imaginative sonic ornaments to the whole arrangement. There is also an early-1970s vibe generating a nice nostalgic feel. 

This is in stark contrast to 'Part II: Inheritor Fumes' that can't be more diversed and surprising. At the beginning I am reminded of Joy Division, but with increasing running time the song becomes noisier without losing its repetitive basic rhythm. Then SONS OF KINGS change the channel, and suddenly I find myself in a black ambient world which I rather know from bands such as Satori or Nordvargr. From the moment where drums, basses and guitar return for a short time, there's also a bit of doom in that song, before it ends with more ambient sounds. I think SONS OF KINGS reveal their creative potential in a successful manner. Of course, 'Emersion' is not made for loud rock 'n' roll orgies, but it's prefect for escaping from everyday reality. It is best if you use headphones for this task.