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SONIC LORD (Trawling Through Sludge) 7"

In the beginning of 2008 Catacomb Records started with a very good international compilation, entitled 'The Sound of the Catacombs', featuring some unknown bands from the UK. One of them was Birmingham's SONIC LORD, and their debut release is also number two in the catalogue of Catacomb Records. This limited, hand numbered 7"; consists of two songs, which doesn't hide the bands main influence: early Black Sabbath. There are also hints of early Electric Wizard and early Orange Goblin in the minimalist arrangements, and, thanks to vocalist Rich, he achieves the necessary level of intensity to make a lasting impression.

On the first side we have 'The Fallen', an angry mid-tempo track with no significant changes in pace, while 'The Prophecy' is my favourite song here, because the band comes up with more variety and better riffs. So if minimalism and a severely pissed off approach is what you like, sliced and diced with a healthy dose of 70's heavy rock, than this 7"; could be something for you. The packaging is of high quality, too and comes with a free SONIC LORD plectrum and in two different vinyl colours (orange/green), especially made for all the collectors among you.