SOMBER VIEW (Flight Into The Imagination) MCD

The name of this German band is still unknown, but maybe some of you've noticed the name of bassplayer Eric Asmussen before, because he's also in the line-up of Wytchcraft. Before that, he and guitarist/vocalist Jürgen Cichon were in Twilight Pictures, but this progressive doom outfit only released a few demos. Now they are back together under the name SOMBER VIEW and 'Flight Into The Imagination' is their first self-financed release. In distinction from Twilight Pictures SOMBER VIEW is less progressive, heading more into a epic doom metal direction, but there is a perceptible gothic influence in two of the four songs.

The first track 'Flight Into The Imagination' is a damn good opener, similar to bands like Solitude Aeturnus and Solstice. It has a very catchy riff, and the clear vocals carry this song. 'Salute' trudges slowly along and radiates a mournful vibe. No surprise, because the lyrics of this song deal with a lost love. The band has integrated a few keyboards here for good measure. 'All My Love' is reminiscent of later Type O Negative and definitely not my cup of tea. I don't like that grief-stricken vocals in conjunction with a pompous atmosphere. Fortunately, 'Black Widow' is more doom than goth, but it would've been great to hear some up-tempo sections, even so it's a nice tune. SOMBER VIEW could write more songs in the vein of the opener for my taste, but nevertheless 'Flight Into The Imagination' is a solid start and even the overall production is very professional as well as the layout. You can order this MCD for EUR 5,00 from the band.