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SOLSTICE (New Dark Age) 2LP

This album was original released in 1998 only on CD, but know you can get this masterpiece in 2001 as a double vinyl edition in white wax with a gatefold cover, strictly limited to 500 copies. Since the early 90's, this band had released some real good records, but for me "New Dark Age" is their best. Majestic, powerful,dynamic and melancholic are only a few words to describe the beauty of their songs. They have a strong Folk touch in their music, especially in short songs like "Alchemiculte" or "Blackthorne", where they mix it up with some real heavy riffage.

SOLSTICE are absolut original and the music is very emotional and intense (like real Doom was meant to be). You find two bonus cuts on this album, "The Prophecy" and a cover version from the TRESPASS classic "Stormchild, a song which they often played live. If you want to check out the perfect frosty and stormy Doom Metal hymns of SOLSTICE take this one. For all you who know and love SOLSTICE, it's a must-have for your collection.The cover artwork is beautiful and very tasteful like the music. The label is METAL SUPREMACY and visit the SOLSTICE website (??) for more infos.