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SOLODOLOR / LOS NATAS (Los Natas Vs. Solodolor) Split 10"

For a lot of people Billy Anderson is something like an icon. Whenever he produces a new album for a band, I bet that his work will increase the sales of the record, regardless of which quality the final result is. He has worked with a lot of bands and the result isn't always bad, but I won't go so far and would start to worship him. For me personal he's just another person behind the mixing desk, and his own band Blessing The Hogs is mediocre in its best moments and just forgettable in its worst moments. Call me heretic, and I couldn't care less. SOLODOLOR is a project, featuring Billy Anderson and LOS NATAS guitarist Sergio Ch., which was formed in 2006 during the producing of the LOS NATAS recording sessions of 'El Hombre Montana'. They invited other musicinas from bands like Rata Blanca or Eight Hands For Kali and the three songs on this split-10" are the fruit of their first recordings. To put it in a nutshell, 'Sunday Horse' and 'Mocha Poo' are flavorless fruits according to my taste. It's an embryonic blend that consists of elements from heavy metal, punk, hardcore and death metal. I miss everything, and both tracks are plain boring. Fortunately, here's a third song on that side named 'La Balada de Solodolor' and even if you don't don't speak Spanish, you can figure out that it's a so-called ballad. It's a really good song with a bluesy vibe and the best song on side A. Forward to side B where LOS NATAS put the listener into a lysergic mood with 'Gitanoss' for almost 14 minutes. Actually, it's only Sergio Ch. from LOS NATAS and his friend El Topo who recorded this sonic psychedelic experiment with the assistance of several instruments like organ, percussion, acoustic guitars, reversing loops and a few spoken word snippets. I like it more than the two tracks from the first side, because it's a very atmospherical trip that reminds me to the early German pioneers in the late 60's and early 70's. This 10" should be interesting for fans of LOS NATAS or the Italian art collective Malleus, who were responsible for the artwork.