SOLENOID's debut is an unrelenting, take no prisoners, punch you in the face and buy you a beer afterwards sort of heavy metal-soaked rock 'n' roll album. Hailing from Belgium, their debut full-length showcase a well-oiled riff machine that delivers an album full of hooks and energy. Right from the start SOLENOID flex their muscles, and if you don't feel the necessity to pull out your air guitar, I suppose that their's not much rock 'n' roll in your blood. Songs like 'Out in the Cold' or 'Puppeteer' combine Motörhead's relentless musical spirit with the soul from bands like Savage or Blitzkrieg, and not only here it's obvious that the five guys of SOLENOID have a preference for some bands from the NWOBHM. On the contrary there's a track like 'One Armed Man' that grab you with an addictive 70's heavy rock groove, before it suddenly changes its direction and turns into a high-speed thrash metal assault. Of course, even here Lemmy's almighty influence is apparent. But SOLENOID keep their music varied, and 'Short but Swell' remind me to a band like Solace with its subliminal weighty Sabbath elements, while 'Trashday' pays hommage to Iron Maiden. Again the music craftsmanship is flawless, and remarkable for such a young band. Producer Chris Tsangarides, who worked for Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy and Judas Priest, gave this album a powerful sound that leaves not much to be desired. All in all, if you're looking for great, groove-y, contagious and exciting new heavy band, SOLENOID "aces" it and besides Buzzville Records proves again a good taste in picking up new and promising band.