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SOILENT GREEN (A Deleted Symphony For The Beaten Down) LP/CD

This band is one of the last few real original Grindcore bands after the split of Brutal Truth. They are a NOLA based band and guitar-player Brian Patton is also part of EHG. In opposite to the Sludge masters, they are sounding cleaner and not so psychotic and wrecked. I always liked the second SOILENT GREEN album, but this is a real masterpiece. It's refreshing to hear, how these guys are combining the finest blast-beats with weird Metal, Crust, destructive Blues and Sludge. SOILENT GREEN are tight and precise like an atomic clock. I don't know why people are telling, that Tool are a complex band. Just listen to this ten songs! After every listening you'll discover new structures in this very complex and beautiful songs. They've got this John Zorn asthetic in their tracks. Everyone who knows Naked City knows what I mean. And you'll know, that it makes no sense to describe single songs. Thousand of mind-blowing breaks, but this are still songs and no unorganized stupid noise. The cover-artwork is again very tasteful and stylish, so if your into extreme heavy music do yourself a favour and buy it. This is one of the few albums where everything fits together; lyrics, music, cover and the beautiful title. For further infos go to the website of SOILENT GREEN and order it from Relapse Records.