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SO I HAD TO SHOOT HIM (Alpha Males & Popular Girls) CD

Whenever I receive new promos from Crucial Blast, I know that it’s a challenge when it comes to writing reviews about it. Not because, I don’t like the releases, but it’s nearly impossible to find an appropriate way to describe the music. Most of the bands, which are under the wings of Crucial Blast give a shit about stylistic boundaries and limitations. Bands like Genghis Thron or Infidel ? / Castro ! are good examples, and so is SO I HAD TO SHOOT HIM. Take thrash metal, punk, 80‘s synth-pop, grindcore and even a little bit black metal, than put all this into a mixer, and the result will be this band. This restless, extreme and overwhelming mixture is fronted by clean female vocals, and Libby’s powerful voice builds a nice contrast to the rest of the music. If SIHTSH would have a male singer , the sound would be more typical, but her impressive voice gives the music a something very own. And when she starts to sing in French, things start to becoming more strange here. Every of the included ten songs is packed with mind-blowing ideas, and what sounds confusing in the first beginning, starts to enfold more structures with every listening. „John Cleese and the Fountain of Youth“ combines Blondie with hardcore and thrash metal, while „King Diamond in the Rough“ is the slowest and heaviest track here, that spreads a real creepy and uncomfortable feel. But in a very entertaing way,  of course! „Stoicism Conservatory for the Married of Heart“ could be a straight up-tempo punk song, if this wouldn’t be SIHTSM, who integrated a weird-sounding thrash metal part in the middle. All in all a very interesting release, made for people with a wide musical horizon.