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SOFA KING KILLER (Midnight Magic) CD

Ohio's Sofa King Killer have signed with Retribute Records, and after the still recommandable "Lust, Crime And Holiness EP" MCD for At A Loss Recordings, they have topped all previous releases with "Midnight Magic" that is truly magic. Stunning in both its stylistic breadth and unrelenting intensity, this is the masterpiece SKK had been working towards since the split-CD with Leechmilk. The songwriting is markedly improved, with the pulverisingly infectious "The Getaway" or "Holy Bottle" f.e. The album embraces the cultural heritage of the Mississippi Delta what is known as Blues. The flame thrower vokills of Ryan Burgy are almost an instrument in itself with its own rhythmic thrust. SKK are leaving the boundaries of genres like Southern Rock, Sludge, 70's Rock, Metal and Hardcore behind and creating an outstanding heavy mash.

And while some so-called sludge acts gave the impression of playing aggressively purely because that's what was expected of them, SKK are focused on a well-balanced combination between whiskey soaked hooks and aggressivness. I really like the black humour/irony of this group as they show it with song titles like "Killing People Is Easy", a more relaxed instrumental 70's-tinged piece, or "An Ode To Myself" another instrumental track with slide-guitars, that are both excellent songs, too. It's almost impossible to pick outstanding cuts, because here are ten tracks of thoughtful, well crafted tunes with a compelling dry production. In all "Midnight Magic" features something for everbody. Investigate immediately!!!