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SOCIETY'S BURDEN (Ten Tales From Hell's Trailer Park) CD

Welcome to the dark and nihilistic world of North Carolinas SOCIETY'S BURDEN ! This is their second self-financed CD and it finally saw the light of day in the Winter of 1999. I hadn't the chance to listen to their self-titled debut, so I can't say if they have progressed in one way or another. You find ten songs on this album and I would describe their music as a mixture between Doom, early 80's Metal and Rock'n'Roll. SOCIETY'S BURDEN describes their music as Southern Doom Groove, but that doesn't fit for most of the songs, I think.The production is rough and brutal and reminds a little bit to bands like EYEHATEGOD. Normally the band has no bass-player in the line-up, but for this album Kevin Davis played bass on all tracks.

Both guitars produce an enormous low end sound and heavy riffs. The voice from vocalist Walliss Jones is very very deep, rough and really awesome with a straight "Fuck You" attitude. The band plays very minimalistic and slow, except at "Betta Run" where the song starts fast and ass-kicking and in the middle they play the same theme very slow until the end and "He's Hardcore", a nice and short mid-tempo number. Another interesting song is "Demon Inside". With 8:17 min its the longest track and a very mournful Doom-laden song. "Repent" is also an ultra-heavy and slow rolling Doomtrack . In a few of the ten songs there's a slight 70's Rock influence, like in "Love Is Dead". All in all, it's a good album and I think that SOCIETY`S BURDEN will come up with more strong songs in the future. If you dig CARNIVORE, CROWBAR etc this one's for you.