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SMOKING BIRD (Sunset In A New Town) CD:

I've featured this Spanish band in an earlier update with the promising demo CD-R "Losing Touch" and here's their self-released debut album that contains ten songs in a total playing time of nearly 48 minutes. Due to the reasons, that most of the readers may not know the earlier demos, I can say that all songs are brandnew. To compare it with "Losing Touch", the production of "Sunset ... ", done by Sex Museum guitarist Fernando Pardo, is much thicker and more down-to-earth. I missed this drive and energy of the songs on the demo, but that has definitly changed to the best. The songs are sounding heavier, but this band hasn't turned into a soulless "Stoner-Rock" machine. Whenever I listen to it, it's a bit like a trip through the 60's and 70's, from southern Blues to Glam or from the Stones to The Who to AC/DC and back, combined with a bit of Alice In Chains or Stone Temple Pilots. Of course, this band has invented nothing new, but I like the musical passion and the vibe of the complete album.

This band rocks with class and style, aware of the historical roots, but with enough sense for different moods and a well-tempratured catchy songwriting. So it's not only the simple straight-forward R'n'R story, you find here.The band got the abilities to present the listener very diverse songs, so that you don't know the whole album after just listening only to three songs. I think, SMOKING BIRD need maybe one or two more albums to etablish their name,but this debut is a very hopeful start. Not recommandable for the die-hard Doom/Sludge fan, but for everyone who likes to listen to 60's/70's oriented Rock 'n' Roll with a touch of 90's Alternative Rock, or if you're just looking for good music. If you like to contact the band for this album or booking info, mail to: SmokingBird(at)eresmas.com The label is HRecords.Check out the SMOKING BIRD interview inside this webzine!