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SMALL JACKETS (Play At High Level) CD

With so much good stuff coming out of Italy these days, I'll be the first to admit that it can be difficult to keep up. The SMALL JACKETS, however, should not be overlooked. Riffs, riffs, riffs, thick as molasses but catchy and memorable, delivered with all the sleekness of a shiny new GTO this is muscle car rock all the way, and so it's no surprise that Nicke and Robban from the Hellacopters joined the band for one Italian show, performing "Gimme Shelter". In opposite to the Hellacopters, this group comes up with a sleazier vibe, but they have learned their Detroit lessons as well, and one can find traces of Ted Nugent or Sonic's Rendezvous Band here. Of course, AC/DC are another influence here while the vocal-style of Lu Silver, who's also playing the second guitar, is more in metallic 70's Hardrock vein - clear and high! At least, it seems to me that this guys are also familiar with the Johnny Thunders solo-works, but decide for yourself.

Anyway, the album takes off with "Raunch 'n' Roll" which is one of my faves here.... it's just so damn catchy and thunderous that you want to start playing air-guitar and drinking cold beer. "Jones Comin' Down" sounds like an undiscovered Aerosmith tune, and shit speeds up with a definite Motorhead feel in "Extra Miles". All in all, the SMALL JACKETS know their roots and aren't afraid to pay credit where credit is due. This is the next promising band from the Go Down Records roster so when you want thick guitar chops, 70's-style rock 'n' roll, and passionate sleaze-rock action, the SMALL JACKETS are your band.