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SMACK have changed their name nowadays into GRAND MAGUS and you can find a review about their new second Demo above.But here is the 1st Demo under the old name. This Heavy Rock trio comes up with three songs that are very various. SMACK / GRAND MAGUS play a solid Down- to-Earth Heavy Rock which is in the same tradition, like the popular Swedish Heavy Rock bands that you maybe know. But SMACK have also a slight Southern Rock touch. A good production makes this Demo very enjoyable. The band is from Stockholm, but at every listening I feel like livin´ in the South...SMACK got the ability to play this sound...a lot of dust...and the sun burns high. Or, in other words, if you like LYNYRD SKYNYRD and PRIDE & GLORY or SPIRITUAL BEGGARS and LEADFOOT, this band is the next one for you to discover! But every other should listen also to this solid powertrio. Their second Demo you find, as said before under their new name GRANDMAGUS.