With a four track demo, SLUGSTAIN made a good start to the heavy doom scene. Hailing from Finland, they have nothing in common with the NWoWD (New Wave Of Weepy Doom), for which I am very grateful to the band. Instead, SLUGSTAIN place greater value on aggressive, mid-paced songs. All four tunes are saturated with blues and rock 'n' roll and completely free of melodramatic dissipations. Usually, I am used to receive this kind of doom from the USA, but definitely not from Finland. It is good to know that there are young musicians around who are not interested in imitating their fellow countrymen of the criminally overrated Reverend Bizarre. But in general, SLUGSTAIN draw influences from various sources, not just from the usual suspects such as Saint Vitus, Pentagram or Candlemass. Although one hears some Trouble in 'Howlin' Susie' and 'Urban Hermit', they also integrate elements from later Entombed and Danzig. What matters is that it's heavy, and this demo is h-e-a-v-y.

Consequently, SLUGSTAIN would rather fit into a Hells Angels movie than in a gothic cathedral. In particular, vocalist Olli Onkamo sounds like a 60-years old grimly looking biker who spent half of his lifetime on the highways between Texas and North Dakota, but perhaps he is only gargling razorblades with rum. His voice is definitely pretty heavy and is a perfect complement to the filthy metal-soaked licks and riffs of guitarist Janne Savalainen. Needless to say, that each songs is black as night, whereas the consistency is comparable to fresh, black tar. If one considers that the band was founded in 2010, then it is remarkable how much experienced they sound. Even the production is extremely professional as well as the whole package. I'm looking fowrard to hear more material, because SLUGSTAIN show a lots of potential. They don't change the world, but will probably kick your ass.