What a remarkable debut from this N.Y. trio! Six songs in ca. forty-five minutes are spreading a mournful and sometimes an angry atmosphere. All songs are very heavy and they are consiting a lot of different vibes. They are all very good arranged and with vocals that are unique and variable SLOW HORSE had produced an interesting and unmistakable record. One of my favourite songs is the coverversion of CHRIS ISAAK´s "Wicked Game". I like the original and SLOW HORSE haven´t destroyed it, they play it in a slow and heavy way. Another band that´s always in my head when I listen to SLOW HORSE are SAINT VITUS. And that should be a great compliment! But SLOW HORSE have also some kind of a 70´s heavy Bluesrock style in their music like in "Lick my Wounds". All in all it´s a very recommendable Disc and I hope that SLOW HORSE aren´t a short story in the history of Doom/Heavy Rock.