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Calculon Records excellent reputation for sourcing ultra-aggressive, destructive sludge can only be strengthened by this excellent split-CD, although SLOMATICS aren't your next typical sludge band. Of course, their riffing is of colossal weight, but they don't draw a lot of inspiration from bands like Grief, Buzzov-en or EyeHateGod. Try to imagine early Fudge Tunnel, who have discovered the powerful sound of Green Amps and maybe this three songs could be the result of their first recording session. All songs are a blinding maelstrom with soaring melodies in its heart which are combined with a good sense for dynamics.

'Under Canopy' is a good example, where the band piles on layer after layer of massive, colossal riffing that lead to majestically heaviness. SLOMATICS have already released two albums and a split-7" and after listening to this three songs I need more of their brute fuzz-driven heaviness. AGENT OF THE MORAI try to crush the listener with their ripping EHG-influenced sludge and both songs have definitely their strong moments. The ingredients consist of brutal riffs, varied pace, and a vocalist who seems to wear a nail in his throat. Not to forget about the impressive playing skills of the involved musicians. If you dig good sludge, than it's no fault to keep an eye on this band. Once again Calculon Records made no mistake in releasing this damn fine disc.