SLIDIN' SLIM (One Man Riot) CD

If you are an attentive reader of Cosmic Lava, you have probably noticed that I'm a huge fan of traditional Delta blues. Aside from the classic recordings, I really like it when the old formula will be enhanced with new influences. If done right, this can result in a very inspiring visionary sound. And last, but not least I'm bored by all the lame cover versions of John Lee Hooker's 'Boom Boom'. It's therefore time to start thinking in new directions. And this is precisely what Swedish blues musician SLIDIN' SLIM does on his latest album, 'One Man Riot', which has been re-released by Transubstans Records with two brand new bonus tracks.

This album not only slams with a muddy swampy groove, but does it with contemporary visions. Very similarly to what R.L. Burnside did on records such as 'Come On In', SLIDIN' SLIM bridges the gasp between traditional delta blues and electronic influences. This does not apply to the whole album, but half of it is peppered with loops, samples and other sonic f/x. Songs as 'Devil In Disguise', 'In The Darkness' or 'You Called Me Up' clearly show that the bridging was successful. Here, we have an organic compound that has been refined with SLIDIN' SLIM's dark and husky voice. He pushes the content of the lyrics into stripped down poetry that touches the soul while he doesn't attempt to go crazy with his guitar work, instead using a rather minimalist style that is reminiscent of Son House or Lightnin' Hopkins. This is particularly true for the straight Delta blues tracks on this album as, for example, 'God Knows I Tried', 'Lead To My Grave' or 'Please Tell Me'.

In doing this, SLIDIN' SLIM has managed to create an album that offers a journey through different moods. Sometimes, the music has a melancholic feel, but it can also be very groovy and uplifting. As with every good blues, it is a reflection on life. So, if you're a blues fan with an open mind, or just a music fan with an open mind, you'll find this album in your CD player more often than not. I still love my old unadulterated Mississippi blues, but this is a very fun and very different experience. Take it as someting different and you will probably like it too. And there are plenty of great songs, too. Sometimes it rocks and sometimes it serves funky stuff. So, if this review appeals to you, 'One Man Riot,' grabs you and holds you, I am sure.