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No, this isn't a project between former members of Sleep and Weedeater, and SLEEPEATER  have not much in common with heavy sludge or Sabbath-driven riffs. They come up with some sort of progressive rock, that also draws influences from Dischord bands like Rites Of Spring or Beefeater. This is only a vague description of the here included nine songs, which leaves musical boundaries behind at times. It's very nice, how the band changes between different musical themes, which ranges from the very relaxed moments as in "The Ghost Song Pt.1" to the heavier segments from  "Synergy" or the strange-sounding "2 Minutes Hate". Ok, that's a nice variety, the entire sound is very liquid and earthy, the transparent production builds emphasis on the band's sound, but the vocalist "suffers" a little bit too much for my taste. His clean vocal style fits absolutely to the music, but I can't enjoy it, because it reminds me to crap-bands like Franz Ferdinand etc. I guess, that I could enjoy this disc much more, if SLEEPEATER would be an instrumental band, and due to their abilities I'm not sure if they really need a vocalist. But it looks as if this guys have an opinion, which is far away from mine. So, apart of my critics, this a nice and solid album, released last year 2005 on Soporific Sounds, which comes in tasteful cover-artwork, done by S. Schroeder.