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SKYWISE (Promo 2000) MC

This is the second promo recording from this roman band and it contains four brilliant songs. The roots of SKYWISE lay back in 1998 and before, all members played in different groups.Their first 4-song demo called "Demo 99" and its available on CD and tape. In 1999 the drummer Marcello leaves the band and was replaced by Lorenzo De Crais. In the TEMPLE OF NOISE Studios SKYWISE recorded this one here and the band is, together with a second guitar player named Enno, who is also responsable for the keyboards, a strong unit. They play Psychedelic Heavy Doom Rock with a strong Space-Rock influence. The four songs are long and shows what the band is able to play. From the hard driven opener "Rise From The Ashes" the journey ends with the bluesy, mellow Doom track "The Ghastly Workshop Of Hiram Kyram". SKYWISE are inspired by groups like WITCHFINDER GENERAL, BLUE CHEER or COC and together with some good own ideas its an enjoyable demo. The production is powerful and not to clean, I would say it fits very good ... well worked out!!! In the summer of 2000 SKYWISE will record their third Demo and its time for this band to get a f.....´record deal. So, all you small cool Heavy labels and everyone else should check out SKYWISE.