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It has been released in 2000, but it's still worth to write about this great band and their last album. SWS are a MD-based band and since the first album "Ultra Electric" on Game Two Records I became a huge fan of these guys. Only a few band are able to mix their own blend out of thirty years of Rock music, like this guys do it. You find everything on this album and I won't start to mention these influences, because it's TOO much. There's a wide range of moods and styles like the Rock 'n' Roller "Devil in the Details Pt. 1 & 2". Part one is fast and agressive and part two is more blues filled. Yes, that's the word: Blues. SWS have so much passionate Blues in all of the songs, that some other bands would die for it if they only have ten percent of this honest authentic feeling. All of the thirteen songs are one the same high quality and it's an album you can listen to over and over.

The album isn't as raw and heavy as the explosive and dynamic debut. The band uses also some guest musicians as Neil Fallon (Clutch) and his wife Angela on background vocals, Dan Harris plays keys on three tracks and singer Dan Kerzwick is responsible for mandolin and congas on two songs. I think, Dan is an outstanding singer, because he's voice is really awesome. Rough and soulful, passionate and angry and all at the same time. The rhythm section groovs absolutley tight and strong and guitar-player Joe Selby plays his guitar absolutley effective. "Seed Of Decades" was produced by SWS, Larry Packer and Clutch-skinsman Jean Paul Gaster and the album sounds very natural and organic. So, I can only give you only the advice to save your money for this masterpiece, because it's absoluley entertaining and there's only one question that I like to ask at least: How will SWS top this killer album? "Seed Of Decades" was released on Spitfire Records and check out the SIXTY WATT SHAMAN website.