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SINK (The Process) CD

After their contribution for a split-7" with Marzuraan on Traquedo Records in 2006 SINK returns with their first full-length, that has been released two years later through the Finnish label Kaos Kontrol in co-operation with Kult of Nihilow. Unquestionably this Finnish band has created a noteworthy album that is authentic and full of surprises. The heart of their sound consists of varied sonic experimentations, but they have also the capability to write songs with almost typical structures like the opener 'Weakness (The Process)', where monstrous throat chanting is embedded into hypnotic drone/riff repetition. If you now ask yourself if that has anything in common with Sleep than my answer is: No! It's more as if Skullflower have entered the studio with Huun-Huur-Tu. In the middle of the song SINK focuse on their drone elements and they do it in a very convincing way. The first surprise is the track 'Ascension' that reminds me to Boyd Rice or Death In June with its acoustic guitars and mesmerizing noise loops. 'Deserted' emits whirring organ drones and unfurls a sacral atmosphere. After that song SINK shows their predilection for extensive excursions into experimental territories. 'Receiving Silence' is a wonderful combination of engine-like drones, scraps of a voice, and very few beats on a snare drum. 'Resignation' is connected with 'Borderzone', which sounds as if you would walk through a cursed forest at midnight. There's an fascinating effect of raising and lowering female vocal loops, that could've been taken from a strange dream. Gargantuan vocal chants return before the end of the song and will lead you into the corners of your subconsciousness. 'The Process' is a very suggestive album that will absorb time and space for over thirty minutes. Highly recommended and packaged in a special fold-out full colour carton sleeve.