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Today there exist ca. 1.465.980 bands which resurrect the rock music of the 1970's. And it seems that this fashion trend will increase further within the next years. Basically there is nothing wrong in preserving specific aesthetics and a style. But as is so often the case with fashion trends there are a lot of people jumping on the bandwagon and the quality decreases. All this isn't applicable to SIENA ROOT, which were present when 1970's retro rock was not popular. Since then, SIENA ROOT pull through their own thing in honest, genuine way without any occult mummery. This fact is further reinforced by 'Root Jam', an excellent and extensive double live album which impressively demonstrates that SIENA ROOT still belong to the cream of the crop regarding 1970's retro rock.

'Root Jam' is a resume of the early years, and that's why the band had invited old members as Tängman, vocalists Oskar and Sanya. In addition there are more guest musicians involved in this party and everyone is doing a great job here. 'Root Jam' offers something for everyone, no matter if you prefer the heavy stuff or the trippy stuff. Personally, I prefer the heavy and hard rocking tracks as, for example, 'Dreams Of Tomorrow', 'Long Way From Home' or 'Into The Woods', but I must say that the hippie-esque songs can also be very appealing. This is not least attributable to the fact that SIENA ROOT consists of outstanding musicians where nothing will be left by chance.

Even the jams are accurate and controlled despite its spontaneous character. However, this does not mean that the music sounds sterile and lifeless. Obviously, the opposite is true. You can feel and hear that SIENA ROOT put their heart and souls into each track (a total of twelve with a running time of 91 minutes), and I have always been of the opinion that SIENA ROOT is made for the stage, a place where they can properly unfold their full effect. 'Root Jam' is rounded off by previously unreleased material and two rare acoustic tracks. Again unnecessary mentioning that the sound quality of this double album is brilliant - one has the feeling as if SIENA ROOT would play in the middle of your room. 'Root Jam' is indispensable to fans, but it also provides a welcome opportunity to newcomers to become more familiar with Sweden's retro rock flagship.