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SIENA ROOT (Mountain Songs) 7"

It was a big surprise for me, as I received the news that singer and organist Oskar Lundström had left SIENA ROOT. I always thought that this four guys had been born to play and write music together until the end of time, and the debut „A New Day Dawning“ was the first official result of this fertile co-opertaion. But ok – I’m no teenager anymore, and that’s the way it can happen, when four individuals are playing together in a band. No drama at all! So, it looks as if this change was no big deal for the group, and here is the first release, which has been recorded with the new line-up. Instead of searching for a new male vocalist, SIENA ROOT found in Sanya an ambitious female singer, who gives a very new colour to the band’s own sound. „Mountain Songs“ contains two tracks  - „Mountain I“ and „Mountain II“ , which had been recorded last year 2005 in Stockholm. Both tracks are played in best heavy blues-rock tradition, and especially „Mountains II“ shows the amazing potential of Sanya, where her powerful vocals remind the listener to Janis Joplin or Inga Rumpf. So, I’m glad, that SIENA ROOT didn’t break-up and this 7“ shows their vitality and ability to create more excellent music for the future. If you dig this like me – go and get „Mountain Songs“!