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There are a few bands out there, where I really ask myself how did they manage to capture such an authentic early 70's sound. This Swedish fourpiece is one of those living and playing secrets. The hammond organ sends one heart-warming wave after the other, and is playing equal to the heavy guitar leads, while the soulful blues-drenched vocals just fitting perfectly into it. Some of the here included six tracks are more focused on heavy guitar-riffs, while other come up with a dreamy psychedelic vibe, without losing it's forceful groovy drive. "IV" is an impressive set of heavy, organic hammond-based blues and KG Westman's emotionally charged, liquid purple heavy guitar style is varied like a kaleidoscope.

After listening over a hundred times to "IV", I haven't discover any mediocre songs, though a song like the eight minutes long "Into the Woods" is simply stunning, with its changes between mind-blowing heaviness and being an introspective ballad.. It's no surprise, that SIENA ROOT also had a blistering live reputation and had already built up a sizeable following in the Swedish underground scene since 1997. And to be honest, this guys are sounding, as if the were a tight unit since 1971! The last infos I got about this band are, that Rage Of Achilles will release their debut album, but I'm not really sure if this had happen until now. I absolutely like to recommend this band to fans of Atomic Rooster, Free, Captain Beyond, Power of Zeus and early ZZ Top. Outstanding release, and I hope they debut album will come out in 2004!!!