SIENA ROOT (A New Day Dawning) 2LP/CD

If one had read my review about SIENA ROOT's "IV" demo and the interview inside this webzine, it's no secret that I'm a huge fan of this Swedish group. And the reason is very simple, because it's been a long time ago since I have listened to a band who got the god-given ability to create such an earthy and soulful blues-based 70's Hardrock sound like SIENA ROOT. To describe their music with terms like '70's influenced' is not accurate, because this IS 70's organ-based blues-fuelled heavy rock and it wouldn't surprise me, if this group owns a time-machine in their rehearsel space. Finally, here we have the debut, that has been released by Rage of Achilles and it's exactly the masterful work I expected from this group. The varied set is full of energetic material and marks the band's further move into full blown heavy music with lashings of psychedelic and progressive. Here are thirteen well crafted tunes, and the band wins in every territory, due to the ability of writing exciting songs that don't drag the listener into boredom.

Although top-notch vocalist Oskar Lundström uses classic organ patterns, SIENA ROOT are not a organ-based like Bigelf f.e. It depends on what the song needs, and they know how to push the organ into intense outbursts of passion. Just check out the magical "Roots", that is like the perfect cross between the Doors and early Uriah Heep, but still with SIENA ROOT'S very own signature. But here are not only four or five outstanding cuts to discover - it's the whole album that rules, and although it sounds like a standard phrase it's the truth. "Shine" strutted like a catwalk model. Sensual, sexy and insidiously funky while. "What Can I Do" verges skillfully on Atomic Rooster/Deep Purple territory and "Trippin'" and the epic instrumental "Rasayana" meanwhile, are superb examples of early 70's heavy progressive with a slight psychedelic touch. The closing "Into The Woods" is certainly another great song which incorporates gentle passages, sequences of burning, Sabbathian-tinged heaviness and lysergic strangeness. "A New Day Dawning" is a great piece of work and recommended to lovers of of 70's heaviness. All vinyl junkies can expect a double-vinyl set later in 2004, released by Nasoni Records.