SIEBENSÜNDEN/TERATOLOGEN (Gläd Dig Du Kristi Luder/Herrens Djuriska Njuting) CD

Usually, I like most of the stuff, which has been released by I Hate Records, but this one here is just a pain in the ass for me. To be more accurate, it's the vocal style of Nikanor Teratologen, who is a famous blasphemous author in Sweden. Here, he's only the guest vocalist, while the original members of SIEBENSÃœNDEN founded the band ten years ago, and they released two full-length albums. This album contains two very long songs (the complete playing time is over 42 minutes), with lyrics against fanatic Christians. What about fanatic Muslims? The lyrics are in Swedish, so I can't tell you, if they are just a long flow of well-known phrases, or if they come up with something real interesting. Although I'm against every religion, which spreads its false belief among the human race (even Buddhism sucks!), I feel a bit bored by a theme like that.

The music is a raw and primitive mixture of Sludge, Doom and Harsh Noise, but in the end, it isn't so interesting as it may seems. I really dig a lot of old Industrial and Power Electronic bands, but what SIEBENSÃœNDEN are doing here is just lame. And the vocals are destroying  my last interest, because they are so high-pitched and after a while, I would like to kill Nikanor Teratologen. Maybe one should smoke more than a dozen bongs, to find this here interesting, but it doesn't speak for the quality of the music, when you need a lot of substances to get into it. The album comes in cardboard sleeve with lyric sheet (sorry, no translation in English) and is limited to 500 copies. I guess, not much more people will show interest than 500......