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I read that a band called Sideburn would play this years Doom Shall Rise festival. And I never think I have heard of them. The name induced thougths of Retro Rock immediately but this was wrong. Somehow. 'IV Monument' is their fourth album already. I have not heard the first three obviously and so cannot tell you anything about any progression but the fact that these guys seem to be around for quite some time now shows with the album I guess. There is definitly something doomy about these guys when they swing in some Pentagram or Spirit Caravan riffs. And there is the dose of Stoner, too. But this is not just another band in the subgenre of Stoner Doom. This is much more.

They marry their heavy riffs, which often remind me of their fellow countrymen in The Graviators or Spain's own Glow, with a good dose of classic Hard Rock, tiny twin guitar bits and some early 70s Prog influences. This band is not dark as the grave although 'The Last Day' is a doomy monster. But it is heavy as a rock, a damn big rock. Nevertheless within this thickly produced songs there is more than just heavy riffs. There are shades of Led Zep or Mountain maybe when they play a clever game with dynamics. And there is a bit of organ in the background, while these guys do not mind to incorporate some classic Heavy Metal moments, the most prominent in 'Bring Down The Rain'.

These guys even have a power ballad in their repertoire with 'Crossing The Lines'. And that song is not cheesy at all. If this is not enough to make you want to check these guys out, I tell you to listen to this singer. A powerful, warm and bluesy voice that cannot only sing in a good midrange but manages the heights with ease. He reminds of Ian Gillian at times, even early Bruce Dickinson comes to my mind when some of his vocal lines get a hint of Iron Maiden's siren.

(Thorsten Frahling)