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SHEPHERD (Doomonstration) MCD

SHEPHERD are a monstrous Berlin-based band, the city where long time ago the legendary Hellhound Records label got its headquarter. This demo includes three long songs , with a total playing time of 21:05 minutes. This EP is a nice apetizer for the upcoming full-length album in January 2003 , released by Exile On Mainstream Records. SHEPHERD are playing 70's influenced Heavy Doom at it's best. The vocals are giving the songs a slight sick touch, maybe comparable with the singer of the legendary Upside Down Cross. This band have learned their lessons of sinister heavyness well. Although the demo is raw and unproduced, the quality is enjoyable and fits to the overwhelming songs. "The Art of Being Lost" is more in the vein of early 70's Heavy Rock and the opening track "Times" is classic minimalistic Doom. In the band info, they have mentioned some of their biggest influences like St. Vitus, Buffalo, Pentagram, The Obsessed and Eyehategod, just to name a few. I would add the later Electric Wizard to this list to become a complete description of SHEPHERD. Gladly, they aren't only trying to immitate their influences. If you're interested in one of the most obscure German Doom bands, than you can't ignore this band. Let's see, if the album can keep the promise.The demo is limited to 100 copies and available for 5 Euro plus postage!