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SHEAVY (Celestial Hi-Fi) CD

Here is the new full-length, again on Rise Above Records and for my taste it's very average stuff! sHEAVY have lost something from their originality and most of the eleven tracks are very similar. I really like the previous album 'The Electric Sleep', because it offers a greater variety. 'Celestial Hi-Fi' is a solid hardrock album and you'll find a new version of 'At the Mountains of Madness' from the 1st record 'Blue Sky Mind'. Another track, 'Persona', is very similar to Kyuss but reveals also a huge influence from Trouble. If you're a hardcore sHEAVY fan, I give you the advice to get this record... other people should better save their money for something else...maybe the last sHEAVY! Listen and decide for yourself!